Thursday, April 21, 2011

Essentials of Enduring Ministry: Balance

The phrases "balanced lifestyle" and "pastoral ministry" are rarely found in the same paragraph.  However, on the rare instance when we find them together they are not linked favorably.  Why is that?

When I look at Christ's ministry, it doesn't seem overwrought.  Rather, His way seemed cool, collected, and, dare I say it, rested.  Instead of being wrung out, Jesus always appears to be the calm in the center of the scene.

I have often made the joke that military intelligence is an oxymoron (which I had to look up how to spell, so who's the real "moron").  However, the military outfits its platoon leaders with much less gear than the troops.  Why?  This way when heat-of-the-battle-decisions need to be made, the officer is not worn out from carrying 60-pounds of gear like the other soldiers. Instead, he is fresher and can make clear, life-saving decision.

Pastors need to be similarly prepared for their decision-making, because many of the "battles" they fight are about life and death, too.  The significant difference is that pastors deal in things that last eternally.

And maybe, just maybe, could this apply to all the other people that follow Jesus, too?

Find balance.